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Touch and Go, real free ,Combined with TV, PC/Computer and touch Screen for a complete special multi-touch TV& PC All In One;
Realize the multi dimensional interaction, rich but simple operation, the new teaching interaction system of professional electronic equipments; through the finger touch operation, you control computers, such as writing ,notation and selecting the print or save, multi-touch TV& PC All In One is one of the necessary equipment in modernization interaction.

  1. Dual system, built-in OPS PC and Android system
  2. Multi-touch, smooth writing;
  3. 4K resolution, Original LG glass
  4. Support Google play

Why touch tv&pc all in one?

  • Stunning Display Technology
    Everything else seems inferior when compared to the (diagonal) widescreen touch display of the TA Series touch tv&pc all in one. The integrated 1080p high-definition display delivers eye-popping HD images with deep blacks, bright whites, crystal-clear colors and razor-sharp detail.
  • Feel The Power
    With Intel Pentium TM Core processor technology, 2GB of RAM, up to a 160GB hard drive, the TA Series touch tv&pc all in one is ideal for powering through today’s graphics-intensive movies, games, and applications.
  • Adjust Your Viewing Angle
    When not mounted to the wall, the TA Series Touch TV and HDTV feature an adjustable stand to help you get that “just right” viewing angle. With a simple push of your finger, you can adjust the stand to meet your desired viewing or touch angle or decrease the slant for space-saving, straight-on viewing and touch.
  • Wireless Freedom
    Ditch the networking cables. Position the TA Series anywhere in your house and stay connected to the internet. With built-in wireless card you can access the web, email.

Ratio 1920*1080 or 3840*2160 1920*1080 or 3840*2160 1920*1080 3840*2160(4K) 3840*2160(4K)
Lightness (typ)/(min) 350cd/m² 350cd/m² 350cd/m² 400cd/m² 350cd/m²
Contrast (typ)/(min) 1600:1 1600:1 1500:1 5000:1 1600:1
Respond time 6.5Ms 6Ms 6Ms 6Ms 8Ms
Pixel distance 0.105*0.315 0.744*0.744 0.807*0.807 0.143*0.430 0.4875*0.4875
Pin Frequency 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz 120Hz 120Hz
Angle of sight 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D) 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D) 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D) 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D) 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
Lifetime (typ)/(min) 30000H 30000H 50000H 50000H 50000H
(x% NTSC) 0.72 0.72 0.72 0.72 0.72
Sight area 1209.6*680.4 1428.48*803.5 1549.4*871.5 1653.2*931.3 1904*1096
Colorful 8 bit+FR C, 1.07G 10bit(D), 1.07Billon colors 8bit-16.7M 10bit(D), 1.06Billon colors 10bit(D), 1.06Billon colors
CPU MSD6A638 MSD6A638 MSD6A638 MSD6A638 MSD6A638
RAM 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G
ROM 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G
System Vision Android5.1 Android5.1 Android5.1 Android5.1 Android5.1

The above parameters, if there is any change, will be subject to the actual products.

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