Concept of social responsibility

We firmly believe that sustainable development is available if only the corporate social responsibility originates from corporate behavior model.

We believe that everyone has a social responsibility, everyone has the ability to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Corporate social responsibility

1. Corporate behavior patterns

Support customer development

Cultivate Innovative Talents

Create integrity, freedom, equality atmosphere

Create employment opportunities.

2. The Corporate itself

Comply with the law, Uphold moral

Encourage employees to do career planning, support staff development.

Subject to taxation by law, earn a reasonable profit, give shareholders returns.

3. Social welfare

Environmental Protection.

Care for vulnerable groups and participate in volunteer work.

Commitment to natural, human harmony.

Thank and Return to the society.

4. Core values

      Nature, Innovation, honesty, win-win

Nature – the pursuit forcustomers, employees, companies, social harmony and unity.

  Innovation – the pursuit for constant innovation, continuous innovation, return to customers, employees and society.

  Honesty– unwavering integrity to customers, employees, shareholders, on the social integrity, sincere mutual understanding.

  Win-win situation – committed to customers, employees, shareholders, and society’s satisfying and success, to achieving growth and development together.